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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chat Addiction!

Once again I have slipped into the dark lands of chat addiction! I'm spending way too much time in chat and less and less working in the studio.. a Very Bad Thing.

So, let's try once again to chat just Friday and Sturday, and actually produce some real music!

Super Bowl this Sunday, wheeeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Everything WAS going fine...

..until my boss quit.

She left because of 'internal tension' (not the whole story, which I know) and the new guy basically stopped all new work, changed my work assignment completely, and now I'm not in the 'Core team meeting' any longer.

Even a blind man can see where this is going.  I suspect they'll slowly phase me out as they hire more full-time folks, then at the end of my contract simply not renew it.

Thankfully, now having solid medical deice experience, and some work in using MATLAB to support PhDs, this gies me a good leg up on other engineers.

My next job is to clean ip my resume', start banking cash, and prepping for a high-intensity jo search.  Add to that coming back up to speed on Linux driver development and kernel work, and I should be in a solid position to start a job hunt at the drop of a hat.. if I don't just kick one off now.

If only my boss had stayed!  But if I were in her position, I'd have left months ago.

I just can't catch a break.. lol!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Now is a Time of Great Decision...

..stolen from Blazing Saddles (watched it again last night).

One issue with being multi-talented and indecisive is figuring out where to expend your energy.  I love to write, I love to compose/record music, and I love to work on computer art.

Problem is,with a more than full-time job, it's difficult (read: impossible) to focus enough energy on any one thing to do the job well, creating a Jack of all trades, but a master of none.

So, the past 2 weeks I've been fretting over many a question having to do with the future of my creative life, given that at any time I may be asked to pack up and move to San Antonio and I really don't want to load myself don with any large equipment.

That lets out buying a guitar rig, the guitar and case with the effects pedal would be a pain to move in a hurry, and buying 2 seats for the the guitar) doesn't make it any easier, and I don't want to check it.

An Alesis Vortex Wireless is super-light, can be carried in a gig bag, and has a bazillion MIDI controllers.. but until I get a dedicated music machine I won't get the most out of it.

Writing is just a matter of putting time into it.  I have no need for additional gear, thankfully.

Artwork?  Right now I have what I need to make alum and track rt, if I drop my animation aspirations.

So, much wailing and gnashing of teeth while I work all this out!  But something will have to go (or I need to win the lottery)...

Work goes quite well, happily coding, testing, and helping out like crazy!

Monday, October 3, 2016


Ah, regrets.. I've had a few.

I regret deleting all my music software!

So here I am, re-downloading, re-installing, and re-authorizing. Ugh.  For HOURS.

The one good thing, such as it is, is that this has made me focus on what I'm going to actually use as compared to what I grab on the off-chance I might use it someday.  So, my stable of instruments is small, my effects few and professional-level, and the best of my loop libraries will be ready to hand.

Not having over a dozen software synthesizers and over 100 (!!) software effects will help me spend more time composing and less time wondering hich flavor of reverb/ech/phaser/etc. I really want for a track, which frankly was a productivity killer.

Jury is still out on a physical instrument.. there's no finger pain typing now, but I haven't tried long-term pressure to them so I need to buy a finger exerciser and see where that goes.

Regardless, the Synthetic Aurality music project rises from the ashes!

Scrivener and Jutoh are both installed, so I can get back to my writing, and I've copied all my music to this machine so I have tunes.

Decisions, decisions...

Monday, September 26, 2016

The First Week Of Work

I'm fairly sure my brain has lost 10lb. of ugly fat in the past week!  Talk about a mental workout!

Two days in San Antonio, three days Austin, teleconferences via my cell phone while on the bus, teleconferences on the laptop, source code, hardware, IDEs, setting up a small firmware development lab in my room..


Payday on October 7th., this will put me in excellent shape, let me pay back Anne her bridge oan and pay this months rent, but a desk, chair, and coffeemaker, a few small things around the house, and funds for travel.  PLUS - open a savings account!!  I'm going to move money online from checking to savings, so bank visits in person will be limited to getting money for large cash purchases (and I might even find  way round that).

In the meantime, I'm learning a ton about 802.11 wireless.  IT's pretty wild stuff, and very different from what I usually deal with, so it's going to be my "learn a new skill" thing for this year.

Still in shock from it all, though.  Literally from total hopelessness to top of the world in a few days.  Definitely going to be some partying when that first check arrives!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

And, out of nowhere

My live is a shambling mass of crawling chaos!!

Last Friday, I get a call from a recruiter.. they have a remote job based out of San Antonio, needing a firmware guy.  Sure, submit me!

Friday afternoon.. they want a phone interview Tuesday.  Sure!  Sign me up!

Tuesday interview goes extremely well.  Technical interview Wednesday!

Wednesday technical interview goes extremely well.  Wednesday evening - they want a face to face in San Antonio!

All day Thursday, travel plans, and the agency pays for the bus ticket.

Friday.. bus is late, so I get to the interview 1/2 an hour late, nobody cares.

Five people in 3 hours... brain hurts but I feel like I did really well.  Agency says they should know before I get back to Austin..

On the bus, phone call with job offer!!!! I start the 19th., will get paid every week!

And I was down to my last $20, and was ready to wind up in jail for a while, I was prepared and everything was set.

Talk about miracles.  They do happen.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

End Of The Road, Part 3

Things proceed apace.

Most of my newsletters and subscriptions are shut down.  Dribs and drabs filter in but so far all the major sites have been dealt with.

Going to mostly take it easy net week as I plan to be here for 2 more weeks before I pull the plug on this mess for the next 8-10 years.  Football this coming weekend, Texans play Sunday - GO TEXANS!

The landlady has completely withdrawn.  Since Tuesday, she's spent all the time locked away in her room, not coming out except for food or to take care of the grand-kid that she's Granny Day Care for.  And she was snappish with him on Friday.. not sure how bad it really is with her.  I had an unopened bag of pasta in the kitchen cabinet, as of today it seems to have taken a powder.. would Anne be petty enough to hide it out of spite?  I have no doubt she'd do it at this stage of things. Eh, not my fight, plenty of more important folks in my life to take care of!

Next week I will be blogging "Learn From My Fail", which is basically a brief autobiography of how I ended up in this mess.  Hopefully someone will run across it and decide to plan for disaster - which I didn't do - and avoid ending up like me.  This is definitely not working out as desired!

Next up - removing the utilities from my name.  I think I can do it over the phone...