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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The engines canna stand the strain!

I think I need fresh dilithium crystals!

Hit 2800 words on my NaNoWriMo novel and have now had writers block for two weeks.  Honestly, I'm getting more stressed out about it than it's worth, so before I blow a gasket I'm giving up.  There are more interesting paths to pursue...

I had a guy on SoundCloud ask permission to play a couple of my tracks on his Web radio show "blind flight".  I've found another place to submit my music for publication SPECIFICALLY asking for dark ambient tracks.  And I've found a way in my video app to morph, mix, and mangle stills into surrealistic nightmares that I can compose soundtracks for, so I an load my music on a YouTube channel.

So far, my music seems to be the only thing going anywhere.  I can't seem to force, coax, or coerce myself into writing anything of any length, so I declare that part of my creativity burned out (le sigh).  But my 3D work inspires my music inspires my 3D art, so they feed off each other, and I don't feel any stress when engaged in either pursuit.. I focus on sound&image for now.

Work goes extremely well, so that's one less source of stress.

Until later!

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20

I freely admit I'm a bit drunk right now.

On October 20, 2003, my love and life Sabine  Sklar went into a diabetic coma, and never came out,  She died shortly thereafter.

Every October 20, whether or not I consciously know it, I go into deep mourning.  I know, I know, get over it and move on, well try having the woman that made your soul sing pass away, then get back to me. I will fight, and being the Serpent I am, I always win.  Sad.

I love you Sabine, I have made you immortal with my poetry, and I can only hope that once the Goddess lets me go, I will spend as much of my existence as I can with you.

I love you beyond life, beyond meaning, beyond reason.

I miss you.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Elec Tronix

I'm not an electrical engineer.  In fact, I can't even solder, much less design a circuit.

But here I am breadboarding a prototype of a board that won't exist until late November or early December.

Now, I'm not averse to learning new things, but HAVING to learn something just to keep the project moving along is really annoying.  I' having to spend days learning basic electronics since the hardware guy isn't here and without some stuff cobbled together I'm ded in the water.  I learn things like what diodes are, how to use capacitors and resistors (and why), how pull-up and pull-down resistors work (and when to use which, and what strong/weak ones are).

And I have yet to burn anything up, which I'm kind of proud of.

So, I'm spending a small pile of cash to load up on components from Sparkfun Electronics and will spend all day today teaching myself how to breadboard up some basic circuits.  Thankfully, I don't need to solder anything!

It sure will look good on my resume', I guess.  And this old dogs learns new tricks all the time, this is just my next one, I suppose.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Ok, I'm flustered right now so forgive me if this comes out as a verbal hemorrhage..


Well, it's only for seventy cents, which means I sold exactly 7 copies of my poetry book "Love, Dark and Frozen", but dang it, I GOT PAID, and somewhere seven people thought well enough of me to buy the damn thing.

No advertising. Mentioned it ONCE in 2 chat rooms and in message boards ONCE.

I feel, as small as this thing is, validated as a writer.  Somewhere, someone thought my writing was worth going through the trouble of buying it.

About 35 years or more ago, me and a bunch of my friends at the time bet on who would sell something creative first.

I was voted LAST.

As time has passed, I've watched my friends vanish, "settle down" with a family, give up on their dreams.  Honest to Deity, I have no idea why, or even HOW, I kept on.

And here I am at 55, my music selling on two collections to support a Website (both sold really well), and now.. even though the money is meaningless.. this is an incredible milestone for me.  I feel validated as a writer.

Someone cares. Someone appreciates my words enough to go through Amazons checkout process.

It is a moral victory, and meaningless to the outside world.  But inside me, I'm glowing.  MY WORDS MATTER, even if only to seven people.

I'm celebrating tonight, and will of course laminate the check and frame it later.

Seventy cents has changed my worldview.  I feel inspired to write, more and more.

It's not a living wage, but for my soul, it's a feast.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Holiday Season.. in Tulsa

It looks like I'll be in Tulsa long past the end of October.  There's WAY too much work left to do, and it looks like it could drag on into January.

This will sure look good on my resume', though.  Tons of I2C and SPI bus work, LCD drivers, PWMs.. it's a massive project and being the ONLY software person is a heck of a challenge.  If I can pull this off, I'm going to party for a week straight!

Not much else going on.. Tulsa Fair and Rodeo this weekend, going to take my camera and field recorder and have a good time damaging myself with fried food.  The weather should be perfect.

No9t much going on musically right now, doing a lot of background story work  for Vicky's Diner, filling in the villians,  figuring out where rivalries are, minor characters, and the like.

Oh well, back to reading manuals for the DRV8301 chip!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ambient Online Compilation #3 - RELEASED

Yes, it's out! 50+ tracks of ambient heaven for less than the cost of a six pack of good beer!

Music from dozens of talented people, and then two tracks from me.  Comes with a killer PDF book of artist bios and artwork.. learn all about us!

Buy today, don't delay, send before midnight tonight!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ambient Online Compilation #3: Pre-Order NOW

For nine bucks US you get over eight hours of music,. pure ambient bliss from the top talents at Ambient Online.

And somehow, two of my tracks made it on.. so, SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION!

Get it while it's hot!