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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Data (de)Based

Ah, the joys of inexpensive Web hosting!

I had decided to learn to create and customize Wordpress blogs and Drupal CMSes, but much to my surprise my hosting service wants to charge me extra for every MySQL database I have PAST ONE.  Ouch!  So much for having a variety of Wordpress blogs and Drupal configurations to show off!  There's no way I can afford to pay for multiple databases right now, so that's the end of that idea for now.

It does help me focus, though, on Web design and development.  I'll spend the time I was going to use on Wordpress and Drupal to create better and more complex HTML/CSS portfolio pieces, spend more time on Javascript and PHP, and start diving into Ruby on Rails.

Well, it's bedtime!  Need to rest up, I have a lot of work tomorrow and I need to prep for interviews Thursday (with a placement agency) and Friday (with a local semiconductor manufacturer).

More as it happens!

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