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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ruby, Ruby

Well, we had some flooding last night from the thunderstorms here in Austin, so I ended up burning a few hours helping clean up the couple of inches of water and mud that had made its way into the common room where I live.  Could be worse, some folks living near the river up the road got flooded out!

This weeks fun is coming up to speed on Ruby, and Ruby on Rails.  I have a great eBook on the topic, and the RailsInstaller Website has a nice intro video that goes over the basics of Ruby on Rails.  It'll take me a while to learn it all, but cranking out Ruby code will be fun!  Plus, Facebook supports Ruby on Rails development so I can expand into that market as well.

I'm also in the process of reinstalling my 3D applications.  This is so I can provide a value-add to my Web design and development work, being able to crank out logos, animations, and fancy graphics gives me a leg up on the competition! Nothing like a one-stop shop to make customers happy.

In the meantime, my writing is on hold - I need to get a stable revenue stream going before I worry about scribbling more. I haven't deleted or lost anything, it's still backed up on my laptop AND online.

Been sending out resumes like crazy.  Fridays interview looks to be good, it's doing chip validation for a local silicon manufacturer - I've done that at Philips back in the day, and it was actually kind of interesting. No guarantee I'll get the job, but it's six months contract to hire and if it hits, I'd be in decent shape for a while. 

Regardless, any solid work that arrives that produces more than just food and interview money will feed into my savings.  I want to bank enough to weather a six month job search if necessary! If I can do that, and get my Web design/development company going, I should be economically resilient (what a phrase).

Back to the lesson books!

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