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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally, I have a day job!

Well, after 4 long months of searching, I have a day job!  Programming microcontrollers for building automation, which is my kind of work - REAL coding, down to the bare metal, no operating system to get in my way.  Small processors that need extremely optimized code, in assembly and C.

In other news, I'm moving closer to down - within a 1/2 hour bus ride of downtown and 45 minutes of my new job.  It's a six month contract to hire, but I'm going to assume just six months and continue doing things like learning Web programming and working on my music and writings.

Once the money is rolling in, I'll get a beefier music laptop, update my current machine to 8B of RAM and clean the keyboard out (it'll become my writing machine and backup) and generally prep for a two-machine existence again.  I want a machine dedicated to music so that I can optimize it for audio work.

I won't be doing video editing as the retinal damage in my right eye makes doing pixel-perfect VFX complex and painful.  Saves the cost of After Effects. I suppose!  And a new video-capable sequencer!

I WILL be resurrecting the radio show, and will also produce/perform audio plays (which I will score AND do Foley for).  I'll need a better mic and headphones, but that's comparatively affordable.

Fun times! Now back to beating bits and registers into submission!

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