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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moving Day!

Yes, it's finally time to leave Hells Halfway House and go back to the Real World. After eight months of living in this cesspool, I'm moving back to where I was living when I first came to Austin, just in a different room in the same house.  It's an hour closer to work, 30 minutes closer to the bus stop, and easily within striking distance of downtown Austin.

No more listening to my alcoholic on/off the wagon housemate that likes to play his punk rock music at 1:00AM, sings horribly but thinks he's a great singer, and who can't manage to keep a job longer than 3 months before he falls off the wagon/gets fired/ends up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.  In the time I've been here he's chased off 3 girlfriends and almost everyone he knows.  He's a perfect bad example and has taught me that moderation in drinking is a VERY GOOD THING.

No more listening to him fight all night with the evangelical Christian on the other side of the house.  This guy is the most persistent whiner - he whines if you don't help clean the house, he whines if you do, he whines if it's warm, he whines if it's cold, he whines if you don't listen to him lecture you about how RFID is really the Mark of the Beast and 2012 is when Jesus comes back, he whines if you DO listen because he's whining about how you're going to Hell and he's not, so sorry (argh).  I've never seen this guy leave the house longer than enough to get a ride to/from either the bank or the grocery store, he has ZERO real-life friends.  Eight months and he's never left the place for longer than 2 hours.  Urgh!

The one more or less sane long-term tenant is moving to California in March, he only comes out of his little suite (he has a private bathroom) to cook or do laundry.  He had the right idea.  And the other sane tenant is moving out to Houston and his gf is staying here just long enough to find "a place to stay where I don't feel like the only normal person".

I will admit I've learned a lot while here.  I've learned I can live on almost no money.  I've learned that friends are important to have.  I've learned that drinking a whole lot will land you in the hospital, broke.  And I've gathered enough interesting experience from it to write a nice novella-length semi-fiction work, which I will sell via Amazon CreateSpace the instant I've finished it!

Anyway, I'm almost completely packed - just the last laundry to dry and it's done.  All my worldy  possessions fit in a medium backpack, a large rolling duffelbag kind of case, and the laptop backpack.  Eventually I'll get a second laptop for backup/writing/music (a more powerful dual-core I think) but for now I'm going to pay back all my loans and debts, and save up six months worth of expense money so if this happens again I don't have to move out of where I live!!

Back to getting hot tea and finishing things up, yippeeee!

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