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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video Insanity

Well, I started a new blog called "Austin in Austin" to chronicle my Austin, TX adventures.  At the same time I canned my Project JV blog since it was going nowhere now that the project owner has lost interest in it (urgh). just as well, 3 blogs is pushing it  - this one and "Austin in Austin" are plenty.

I've begun prepping for doing heavyweight video work.  While I can't justify After Effects YET, I am going to invest in a decent camera, tripod, stabilizer, and some VFX/NLE "budget" software.

I own Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 and FXHome  Visionlab Studio, so for "entry prosumer" software I'm in good shape.  From here, I want either Sony Vegas or Premiere Pro - likely I'll get Vegas for its Acid Loop handling (and I really don't like Adobe as a company).  Next will possibly be Lightwave for VFX, although After Effects + Particular might do the job (but ecch, Adobe again). Lightwave has other advantages as well for VFX, but I need to do some research - if I can keep things to 2D, it'd be a LOT faster.  There's Houdini.. for $7000.. ouch!  That makes After Effects at $995 look CHEAP!

Otherwise I guess I could write my own VFX software, or take some open-source package and customize it for my purposes, but I'd rather not do a lot of coding outside of my day gig.

Much to contemplate.

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