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Monday, February 27, 2012

Write and Wrong

Ah, the joy of deleting a ton of stuff off my laptop!

I've mothballed all my 3D software, the only things left are the installers (all 20GB of them).  Most of my music software is also mothballed, I've left the basics (Orion Studio 7, all my virtual instruments, all my virtual effects) and my sound effects and vocal wave files.  All my video editing software is installed but moved to a folder and not directly on the desktop - same for all my software development tools.

I spent last night re-reading all my writing.  It's in pretty good shape, not yet publishable but well on its way.  I need to decide on a single writing program and move all my works into that, instead of scattering things all over.  That'll help me focus on what I'm doing instead of learning new software every week!

I'l be publishing on Amazon first.  What I want to do is make a "best of my crummy poetry" and publish it as an eBook for free, then work from there into short stories/serials (like The Vicky Diaries) and thence into novellas (Dead Ringer, Strip) and novelettes (only vague ideas here right now).

My new place is ideal for writing - interesting people to talk to, but quiet when I need it, places to sit outside and write, easy trip to downtown Austin and several parks, and no loud idiots to disturb me!

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