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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My First Tablet

It arrived it arrived it arrived!

Yes, here I sit with my new Android tablet (her name is Damiana), basically just fiddling around with the built-in apps as the wireless here at work is secure and I can't get her on it.  At home, she gets on the LAN fine, so tonight I'll spend some time browsing the Android App Store, getting the Kindle reader installed, and trying to find a nice note-taking app.

It's a Vizio 8in. Android tablet, a VTAB1008-B with a 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 4GB onboard, Bluetooth, a GPS, front-facing chat cam, and it's running Honeycomb (updated itself from the installed 2.3 on boot).  I have a 16GB SD card I'm going to install tonight, for eBooks, music, and the like.

So far I'm pretty darn happy.  It's a refurbished unit and came with a free folio, so for the $220 I paid I get the tablet, folio, USB charger, SD card, and some stuff printed on dead trees.  It was kind of an impulse buy, I've wanted a tablet for a while but didn't want to risk $350+ on something I might decide was an overpriced toy.  Most of my concern was the "no tactile feedback" keyboard.

Well, it works just fine.  I can't type at full speed, but it's a LOT faster than the tiny keys on my phone and quite acceptable.  I couldn't use it for full-throttle writing, but for notes and flash fiction it'd work wonderfully.  In fact, I think I can leave my Dell ultralight at home and use the Vizio for what I was using the Dell for (portable notes and small writings machine).  I'm amazed at the weight, it's LESS than a Day-Timer, I don't feel encumbered at all carrying this little thing around.  The Lenovo I tried was only 7in., a bit lighter but harder to read with my aging eyes.  A 10in. is too large, it feels close to carrying my Dell around would have been clumsy at a conference table.

I can see why people fall in love with these.  I can grab the folio and go, it's easy to read, typing is quite acceptable, and it does what I need.  Battery life is supposed to be around 6-7 hours, my Dell with the DVD drive removed and the second battery installed goes about 4.5 hours.

This means I won't be keeping the Asus system once I build my microATX power machine, I'll clean it up and sell it off cheap.

I'm one happy camper and I'm a believer, now I've caught the tablet fever!

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