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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Quick Update

I'm not dead, just crazy busy!

I finally broke down and ordered an Android tablet, it's a refurb but I got it cheap - it's a Vizio 8 inch Android 2.3 tablet with Bluetooth and 3 speakers, should be perfect for portable note-taking and the like!

I upgraded Alchemy Player to full Alchemy, and let me tell you the Camel folks have a winner here!  I'm going to try to learn sound design soon, for my own compositions.  Hopefully some of those will arrive here soon as well.

"Love, Dark and Frozen" sit's at pre-publication.  I need to move it into Jutoh to add the cover art and final formatting, but I'm doing an amazingly good job of putting it off.  Hopefully I can push myself through the final resistance and get it into Kindle format in a week or so.

I need a new machine for music!  Not due to CPU, but RAM - the laptop I  have only takes 4GB and I've come close to filling it up several times now.  I'm going to order parts and build a small form-factor micro-ATX PC with 16GB on it and a quad-core I5 processor, that should do for a while.

Not much else - hang in there, more soon!

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