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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love, Dark and Frozen - UP ON AMAZON!

Well, I went and did it.  Self-published my first eBook, after a real struggle with both software and myself.

I couldn't make it free, so it's 99 cents.  You can find it at: Love, Dark and Frozen.

I'm taking a break from writing for a few days to calm down.  What a process! Then I'm going to finish off "Dead Ringer" and sell THAT for $1.99! Heh.

Much to write.  Much, much to write.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Karate-chopping Jutoh

Well, I survived another birthday (lol)!  The old man is now a year older, officially.   I did go out an gorge on chicken wings and beer, urrp.

With the able help of tech support, I figured out my problem with the table of contents and with the Kindle version appearing not to update.  The TOC issue was with the way I imported the OpenOffice doc (easily fixed), the Kindle issue is that once you open an eBook with the full reader, it copies it to your library and forevermore (until you delete it) that's where it'll look REGARDLESS IF YOU TELL IT OTHERWSE. Gaah!

My Zoom H2N arrived this week, and it's an amazingly cool toy! So far it's been easy to use, but I need to experiment more - it's an amazingly powerful device.

I ordered more parts for Scylla, my fast 3D/2D art machine, with any luck in a couple of months I'll have all the parts.  In the meantime, next month I'm going to grab some cash and get a nice Core i5 laptop for writing/Web surfing/music composition and replace my current laptop with that one - the current machine will go on Craigslist.

Nothing much else to report - Memorial Day weekend is coming up, 3 days off from work, and I'm going to spend some time finally getting "Love, Dark and Frozen" done and on to Amazon.  I'm also going to grab the Zoom and run around recording everything!  There's a hot rod show Sunday at Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon, I'm going to go nuts with the Zoom.  Fun times!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a process!

Spent a lot of quality time fighting with Jutoh - as far as exporting to Kindle format, anyway.  I managed to solve my table of contents issue, but it wouldn't export any edits I'd made to the text!  They were in the project file, just not the final .mobi Kindle eBook.  In theory, according to tech support, I have to delete the book from my Kindle library or it won't get properly updated (ugh).  I downloaded an ePub reader, so what I'll try is exporting to ePub format for testing and do a Kindle export when everything looks fine.

I've also been re-reading and editing the 30,000 words of "Dead Ringer" I've finished, once I reach the place I stopped I'll start in on finishing it off.

My Birthday is Sunday and today was Payday,  so I bought myself some presents - a Zoom HR2 field recorder to get audio samples to play with, some 3D content  I can use for making illustrated stories, and the 400 watt power supply I need for my slowly-being-built 3D animation machine.

Hopefully tonight I can finally get my table of contents done and figure out how to successfully export more than once (lol)!  Fun times!

No idea what I'll be doing for my birthday, probably spend a lot of time out eating chicken wings and drinking fancy beers!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meh, and non-meh

Meh, I decided against the laptop as research showed that it would overheat on a long render, so back to putting my own machine together from parts.

On the writing front, "Love, Dark and Frozen" is almost done!  I've exported it to Kindle format successfully, but the Table Of Contents is horrible and needs to be either deleted or re-created, I'll need to learn how to do that.

I'm going to create a Scrivener project for "Dead Ringer" so I can get back to finishing it.  I'm also going to start research and background development for "Strip" (industrial espionage) and "Threshold" (occult/psychological horror) and get my notes off Google Docs and into Scrivener.

I also need to get Scrivener and NotesBrowser running on my Dell ultralight writing laptop, it's just a fiddly process but needs doing. that way, I can bring it into work and write during my downtime.

Nothing much else going on - this weekend is my birthday, but there's a rumor my temp agency is having some IRS problems so I'm going to sit on most of this check in case I need bridge funding.  My boss here wants to keep me, so I have a Plan B for switching temp agencies if this one gets mauled to death by the tax man, but it could be 2-3 weeks without a paycheck if that happens.  Until things settle, I'm going to slow down on expenditures and bank as much as I can, Just In Case(tm).  I should be doing that anyway (urgh).

Regardless, I should have a small pile of money to go out and lightly party this weekend.. I'm thinking Casino El Camino on Saturday for one of their excellent burgers, then off to Pluckers on Sunday for a wings and beer feast!  Either that, or Ginnys Little Longhorn Saloon.

Lots of rain today, we sure need it, but getting lunch is going to be a damp process.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Almost shopping time!

Tomorrow is Payday and I'm going to get myself an early birthday present!

Yep, I'm going to get a Gateway laptop, with an i5-2350M, 6GB RAM, and a 500GB HD.  This machine will become Scylla and will become my primary laptop.

If it works out well enough, I might be able to wait a while before I have to assemble Athena.

The i5-2350M is a ways over twice as fast as my current machine and will take up to 8GB of RAM, so at this point I think it'll be wonderful for desktop publishing and music production.  It should also work well for basic 3D still rendering.

Can't wait for tomorrow!  I'll get the money and pick the machine up on my way home tomorrow or Friday.

Fun times ahead!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Serial Dreaming

I've noticed a distinct trend for me lately - serial dreaming.  Where I'll have one segment, wake up and stare at the ceiling (usually thinking "what was THAT about"), going back to sleep and having the thing start up right where it left off!

I've had this off and on as long as I can remember.  The few people I've talked to about it, think it's unusual (ok, "weird" was the word used), but for me it's just Something That Happens.  Kind of like dreaming a novel.

The one last night involved snakes, dragons, a village, and the start of an epic journey.  It actually WOULD make a great story, at least a novella.  I should take down some notes and see if I can turn it into something.

It's a full sensory experience, too: sight (full color), sound, touch, taste, and even smell on occasion.  It's enough to make you feel like you're in the Matrix!

On other topics: my poor Asus is now officially Too Slow(tm) for most of my non-writing work, so this weekend it's a raid on the bank followed by a trip to Best Buy or Office Depot for a new machine.  This will replace my current laptop, which will eventually become a dual-boot machine loaded up with Win7 and Linux, strictly for software development.  My 3D work will only temporarily on the new machine until Athena the quad-core i5/16GB RAM gets built.  I should have all the parts for Athena in 2-3 months.

Nothing much else going on, trying to stay dry (lots of storms all this week) and semi-planning what to do on my birthday.  I'll be 53 this month, wow!  I wasn't sure I'd make 40 (heh).

Until next time!