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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Karate-chopping Jutoh

Well, I survived another birthday (lol)!  The old man is now a year older, officially.   I did go out an gorge on chicken wings and beer, urrp.

With the able help of tech support, I figured out my problem with the table of contents and with the Kindle version appearing not to update.  The TOC issue was with the way I imported the OpenOffice doc (easily fixed), the Kindle issue is that once you open an eBook with the full reader, it copies it to your library and forevermore (until you delete it) that's where it'll look REGARDLESS IF YOU TELL IT OTHERWSE. Gaah!

My Zoom H2N arrived this week, and it's an amazingly cool toy! So far it's been easy to use, but I need to experiment more - it's an amazingly powerful device.

I ordered more parts for Scylla, my fast 3D/2D art machine, with any luck in a couple of months I'll have all the parts.  In the meantime, next month I'm going to grab some cash and get a nice Core i5 laptop for writing/Web surfing/music composition and replace my current laptop with that one - the current machine will go on Craigslist.

Nothing much else to report - Memorial Day weekend is coming up, 3 days off from work, and I'm going to spend some time finally getting "Love, Dark and Frozen" done and on to Amazon.  I'm also going to grab the Zoom and run around recording everything!  There's a hot rod show Sunday at Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon, I'm going to go nuts with the Zoom.  Fun times!

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