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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meh, and non-meh

Meh, I decided against the laptop as research showed that it would overheat on a long render, so back to putting my own machine together from parts.

On the writing front, "Love, Dark and Frozen" is almost done!  I've exported it to Kindle format successfully, but the Table Of Contents is horrible and needs to be either deleted or re-created, I'll need to learn how to do that.

I'm going to create a Scrivener project for "Dead Ringer" so I can get back to finishing it.  I'm also going to start research and background development for "Strip" (industrial espionage) and "Threshold" (occult/psychological horror) and get my notes off Google Docs and into Scrivener.

I also need to get Scrivener and NotesBrowser running on my Dell ultralight writing laptop, it's just a fiddly process but needs doing. that way, I can bring it into work and write during my downtime.

Nothing much else going on - this weekend is my birthday, but there's a rumor my temp agency is having some IRS problems so I'm going to sit on most of this check in case I need bridge funding.  My boss here wants to keep me, so I have a Plan B for switching temp agencies if this one gets mauled to death by the tax man, but it could be 2-3 weeks without a paycheck if that happens.  Until things settle, I'm going to slow down on expenditures and bank as much as I can, Just In Case(tm).  I should be doing that anyway (urgh).

Regardless, I should have a small pile of money to go out and lightly party this weekend.. I'm thinking Casino El Camino on Saturday for one of their excellent burgers, then off to Pluckers on Sunday for a wings and beer feast!  Either that, or Ginnys Little Longhorn Saloon.

Lots of rain today, we sure need it, but getting lunch is going to be a damp process.

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