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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Serial Dreaming

I've noticed a distinct trend for me lately - serial dreaming.  Where I'll have one segment, wake up and stare at the ceiling (usually thinking "what was THAT about"), going back to sleep and having the thing start up right where it left off!

I've had this off and on as long as I can remember.  The few people I've talked to about it, think it's unusual (ok, "weird" was the word used), but for me it's just Something That Happens.  Kind of like dreaming a novel.

The one last night involved snakes, dragons, a village, and the start of an epic journey.  It actually WOULD make a great story, at least a novella.  I should take down some notes and see if I can turn it into something.

It's a full sensory experience, too: sight (full color), sound, touch, taste, and even smell on occasion.  It's enough to make you feel like you're in the Matrix!

On other topics: my poor Asus is now officially Too Slow(tm) for most of my non-writing work, so this weekend it's a raid on the bank followed by a trip to Best Buy or Office Depot for a new machine.  This will replace my current laptop, which will eventually become a dual-boot machine loaded up with Win7 and Linux, strictly for software development.  My 3D work will only temporarily on the new machine until Athena the quad-core i5/16GB RAM gets built.  I should have all the parts for Athena in 2-3 months.

Nothing much else going on, trying to stay dry (lots of storms all this week) and semi-planning what to do on my birthday.  I'll be 53 this month, wow!  I wasn't sure I'd make 40 (heh).

Until next time!

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