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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a process!

Spent a lot of quality time fighting with Jutoh - as far as exporting to Kindle format, anyway.  I managed to solve my table of contents issue, but it wouldn't export any edits I'd made to the text!  They were in the project file, just not the final .mobi Kindle eBook.  In theory, according to tech support, I have to delete the book from my Kindle library or it won't get properly updated (ugh).  I downloaded an ePub reader, so what I'll try is exporting to ePub format for testing and do a Kindle export when everything looks fine.

I've also been re-reading and editing the 30,000 words of "Dead Ringer" I've finished, once I reach the place I stopped I'll start in on finishing it off.

My Birthday is Sunday and today was Payday,  so I bought myself some presents - a Zoom HR2 field recorder to get audio samples to play with, some 3D content  I can use for making illustrated stories, and the 400 watt power supply I need for my slowly-being-built 3D animation machine.

Hopefully tonight I can finally get my table of contents done and figure out how to successfully export more than once (lol)!  Fun times!

No idea what I'll be doing for my birthday, probably spend a lot of time out eating chicken wings and drinking fancy beers!


  1. Happy bday Ed *waving from Australia*


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