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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moving is Hell

Ok, I'm now in my room in the back house, and online again.

It took me 2-1/2 hours to move my stuff, then an hour break, then 45 minutes to move the computer desk and chair and get online again.

I was 92f during the move, and only now is it clouding  up a bit with the chance of rain.

I did't eat breakfast and lunch was only 1/2 an hour ago.  I lived on body fat, tea, diet Coke and determination.

Needless to say,  I feel like Death warmed over.  I could only eat half my sushi lunch as my stomach told me in no uncertain terms not to over-fill it. So, I'll have the rest for dinner.  Blech.

I'm going to sleep late tomorrow and NOT go out except for a grocery trip, to get wing makings and beer.

But it's DONE! Yaayyyyyyy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Austin Nights, The Vicky Chronicles Return!

Well, Monday it hit 109F - it's only supposed to reach 99F today, and hold in the mid to upper 90s all weekend.  Good thing I'm not planning on going outdoors much!

I'll be moving Saturday to the back house, it should only take an hour or so, then it's kick back and relax with a beer time.

I'm slowly but surely picking up 3D assets to get back to work on The Vicky Chronicles.  With any luck, I'll start posting character studies on my DeviantArt site in a couple of weeks.  Things will speed up a lot once I get the new computer set up, no more waiting 2-3 hours for a render to finish!  I'm also outlining an erotic horror Web comic, that'll go up on DeviantArt as well.

Reminds me - I need to put a link to my DeviantArt site on the blog!  That's part of tonight's work, then.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Another Melting Monday

Summer is here in Austin, Texas!  Should hit close to 104 today, then up to around 108 by Thursday.  While my nice straw hat keeps my head from being burned, it's not keeping me from sweating (urgh). I'm going to start having to wear a t-shit for the commute and change when I get in to the office.

Did some work on character studies for a Web comic I'm scripting.  I'm also going to re-start The Vicky Chronicles as I have enough material for about 10 episodes already.  I have a TON of ideas and pretty much all the 3D content that's required (and more).

I finally ordered th accessory kit for my Zoom H2N, so I'll have a windscreen and a portable power supply along with a carrying case.  I'll feel better about taking it downtown when I have the case.

Nothing much else going on - I need to go out somewhere new but due to the heat and not sleeping well, I'm not really up for it right now.  Maybe this weekend!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday fiddly bits

Well, I survived another weekend!

Much accomplished on the 3D font, I installed Poser Pro 2010 and started working through some tutorials.  I'm impressed with its performance on the laptop, it's not nearly as memory-hungry as I expected.  It also renders a LOT faster than Daz Studio, which is a nice surprise, and the results are VERY acceptable.  There's a bit of a learning curve as the UI is different that what I'm used to, but I'm coming up to speed quickly.

No writing got done.. sigh.  Spent too much time in Poser Pro.

I DID, however, pull the audio off the Zoom and have turned a stereo recording of my walk to the office into a pretty trippy soundscape! I also recorded 8GB of surround audio from various places I visited on Sunday, which I can hopefully chop and mangle into something entertaining.

Next Thursday I'll order a KVM switch and a copy of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, for Scylla.  That will be the last bit I need to do the build, so once those arrive it's a day to get her set up.  Hooray!

I need to go reactivate my DeviantArt account so I can post my more adult artwork there.  Once it's up and running I'll put a link to it in my Links section.

It's HOT in Austin today, but supposedly rain tomorrow and Wednesday.  We'll see if it really happens.

I also need to get out this coming weekend and go someplace new, I think I'll hit Jackalope on Sixth Street.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3D, Music, and Writing

Meh, I've been stressing over having Lots I Want To Do and having Less Than Infinite Time.  And fighting software issues (grrrr)!  Anyway...

Since I haven't actually composed anything for ages, I'm going to mothball most of my music stuff and just engage in sound mangling with stuff recorded off the Zoom.  If I feel musical again, I'll re-install my software and/or get a bass.

With 3D, well, I'm tired of crashes and bugs in Daz products and so I'm going to become Daz Software-Free when I move my 3D work to Scylla.  I ordered Poser Pro 2010 today, it should arrive next week - it should do the job fine in conjunction with Photoshop Elements and my Wacom tablet.  Honestly, I'm not a VFX person at all - I just want to do art for Webcomics and to illustrate stories.  If I want to animate, then I'll do it in 2D with Anime Studio Pro.

The laptop (Charybdis) will be for writing, Web stuff, and listening to my MP3 collection.  It's overkill for all that, so there's no need to get a new machine until the old one dies.  This also means no multi-week effort to move my software to other machines, the only thing that'll move is my 2D and 3D content, which is pretty easy (maybe 4-5 hours on a weekend).

So, less stress, less money required, better sleep and perhaps some relaxation soon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LDR.. a lie in the fog..

Well, you know, I tried for the longest time to do the "online relationship" thing. But being an Old Man(tm) it didn't work out.

The most casual IRL relationship is worth a million times what some supposed connection with some anonymous user is.  The virtual world can't bring me the same warmth, experience, and connection that meatspace does.

Screw the Matrix.   I know a  bot when I chat one.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy busy busy

Well, after taking a bit of a vacation on finishing "Love, Dark and Frozen", I'm jumping back into the fray!

I've plotted out the rest of "Dead Ringer" and have finally moved everything into the new software I'm using (Scrivener).  It should only take 2-3 months to finish off a first draft, then a month to polish and clean up, then into Jutoh and up on to Amazon!

Been playing with Carrara while I save up for Cinema 4D Broadcast, to get my 3D chops back up.  It's pretty fast on the laptop, the new machine should be scary fast!

The CPU arrives today, leaving only a hard drive, memory, and a copy of Windoze 7 64-bit.  I think Home Premium should be fine.

More as it happens!