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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A lovely, craptastic day.

I know, compared to the folks getting hammered by Isaac, this is trivial, but still.. it's a craptstic day.

It started out with the crazy guy at the bus stop arguing with some invisible person about something completely incoherent.  Worried me enough to hang on to my knife, especially when someone else showed up and he go tin my face yelling "Where did that guy come from?" and I had to tell him to get lost.  I skipped that bus and took an alternate route, which thankfully got me in on time.

Then there's the foot doctor.  I finally had to cancel with him completely, since it's a two hour trip from where  I live to his office in the quiet hills of South Austin, far away from the nearest bus stop, thus costing me $60 in cab fare PLUS the office visit cost of $90.  No thanks, I'll find someone closer.. which is a pain as he's really good, but I can't lose a days work AND pay the cab AND the office fee and afford food.  Meh.

Then I get into the office and have all kinds of issues with the IDE I' trying to learn to create a project based off existing code, there's some setting/settings that need to be set and the guy that owns the original project is clueless, telling me that someone ELSE set it up and he can't help me.  So it's screamingly frustrating trying to reverse-engineer this stuff.

And my dang intestines are acting up, tons of gas and pushing up on my diaphragm, causing massive cough attacks - and my doc is worthless, telling me it's just going to take time for the acidophilous pills to work - he won't even consider the blood pressure meds, where this is a KNOWN SIDE EFFECT.  It's new doc time, this moron is a worthless quack.

In conjunction with my tiredness and clumsiness today (no idea why, my blood glucose is between 100 and 140) it's working out to be a real, real bad day.  I really wish I'd called in sick today!

Ok, other than being bitchy (lol) I do need to work out a blogging schedule so that my main sites (Blogger, AuthorsDen, DeviantArt, and Red Room) get updated at least twice a week.  I have to consider which sites will get what kind of blogs, no point in duplicating everything (just critical stuff).

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