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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Almost vacation time!

Just today and tomorrow and I'm on vacation!  Including weekends, that's 9 days of not having to drag my sorry corpse into work!   Ohhh, fun and frolics - bbqing, writing, working on music, sculpting, photography! And lots of coffee (lol) and fancy tea.

Retail therapy for todays Payday was: a RAM upgrade for Scylla.  Sure, she has 6GB, but I figured - max it out - in case I end up loading a bazillion samples into Alchemy for some super-fancy soundscape project.

Next week I'm going to go ahead and replace the Asus system with something newer, and convert the Asus machine to a Linux server.  I might end up using it for software development as well, if I don't just get an i7 laptop,k shove 16GB into it, and run Virtualbox.  VBox would save me having to get a new KVM switch, too.

I did the Bad Thing(tm) last night and chowed down on General Tso's Chicken for dinner, with brown rice.  Sure enough - as expected - my blood sugar went up to 2008 for about an hour and a half, before falling to 141 when I finally went to bed.  I knew this would happen, between the sugar in the sauce, the heavy breading, and the carbs in the rice I was asking for trouble.  Weird thing - I could feel my BG go up!  I had this sick "sugar rush" feeling where I had a lot of energy but felt "off" - that's when it peaked.  It only lasted about 45 minutes, though.  Was it worth it?  Sure, I love General Tso's Chicken and I feel less like I'm doomed to eating boring stuff for my last 20 years of life.  And I'm not going to do anything so spectacularly ignorant more than once a month, so that's this months indulgence.

I need to get back into Web design and programming.  Honestly, the whole embedded systems thing is so hit and miss it's not funny, and Web jobs are plentiful (I get an email every week asking how much Java and HTML5 I know.. lol).  Since I'm getting badgered into app development on my current job, it's kind of a natural thing to drift into - and I can study during lunch-time.  The upside is that I can use my Wooly Loach site as a portfolio piece and showcase!  Long-term, this would be the second source of income to tide over between books/stories/writings.

I have to buy one of those small one-person Webers this weekend, I don't want to splurge $100+ on the big grill just for me.  I just need something I can cook OUTSIDE on!

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