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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another day shot

Well, despite deiberately staying home and planning on doing nothing but cooking and setting up for writing, not a whole lot on my task list got done.

I did manage to cook crispy chicken thighs (worked out very well), and thre pork ribs in hot sauce are almost done, so that's good.  I have Orion 8.5 installed and my Audio Damage and Voxengo plugins, my Camel Audio software is downloading now.  Laundry is done, my coffee/tea station is operational next to the computer desk, my Web tools are installed, and my writing projects are organized.  My plush toys are set up (2 snakes,an iguana, and a lionfish), and King Ghidorah is the first Godzilla monster in my collection and is out.

Website still needs a complete re-design.  Blogs not wired to my main site.  No notes transcribed from Google Docs.  Room is a bit of a mess with empty boxes.  The Dell lapto is fighting me, it refuses to use an external monitor as the primary display even though it says it can.  And not one damn word of writing done, except in this blog and in chat (I chatted while cooking and installing software).  Didn't even do any sculpting.

This leaves a lot to do tomorrow.  Sigh.  But my digital camera shipped, the studio headphones for the i5 shipped, and my pecan wood and apple wood liquid smoke shipped, so that's good news.  I also bought more "music to write by", now I need to make "mood playlists".

I slept a lot.  My body is having a hard time adjusting to the "normal" blood sugar level after years of 300+, which is no surprise, but it's a serious issue with my energy level.  Feh.

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