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Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Monday, another.. Monday.

Blech when I get depressed, I certainly take it to the extreme!  Oh well such is the life of someone who's watching everything taken away one tiny nibble at a time.

Five days until vacation!  It's not going to be nearly as fun as I hoped, since I won't be sleeping later than 7:30am due to the pills/Dawn Phenomenon and having to get food into me to stop the upward blood glucose spiral, but at least it's something - and I can always take a nap.  Maybe I'll get caught up on all the things that didn't get dealt with over the weekend.

At least the crispy chicken thighs and green chili and lime ribs came out perfectly!  Can't complain there.

Oh well, work work work for 5 days.  Feh.

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