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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bloody, erm, blood! Well, blood glucose!

I swear, it never ends.

So now I'm getting that "late afternoon sugar slump" where my lunch wasn't carbed up enough to take me through to dinner, and I need to find "diabetic friendly" snacks.  And of COURSE, it means - more cooking and/or mixing and/or shopping and/or all three!

The black bean salad I found looks nice, about 15g of carb in a 1/2 cup serving, protein, and seriously tasty other goodies.  This tops my list as I can make a big batch and just bring a small cup in every day for my late-afternoon power-up.  Cheese and whole-grain crackers look fine as well (whole-grain Triscuits and sliced deli cheese and/or string cheese).  Finally, oddly enough a SMALL apple and cheese is also acceptable.  Not too bad!  I'll need to buy more small, reusable containers to hold my snacks since this'll be a five-day-a-week happening.

My biggest grouse is having to fix all this day in and day out.  When I'm at home, this isn't an issue as I'm not having to pack in what feels like a fridge load of food with me every bloody (pardon the expression) day.  And the junk food machine here is full of pure carb and sugar death bags, so it's no help at all.  Cheetos have 11g of carb and 2g of protein so they'll do if nothing else is around (ugh).

So, more expense and more time spent on just staying alive, less joy in the process.  No wonder I'm so damned depressed lately!  This SUCKS.

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