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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dawn Phenomenon!

Ok, I've been freaked out lately that even though I don't pack my face at night, my blood sugar starts drifting up in the morning - on no food!  What the heck?  I've been getting stupid-high readings in the morning that GO DOWN WHEN I EAT.  This seemded incredibly counter-intuitive to me, until I did a little research - and discovered it's common for diabetics and NON-diabetics!

It's called "Dawn Phenomenon" and it appears to be natural.  Your body is dumping sugar into your system in the A.M. to "help you" prepare for a long day of hunting and gathering, and chasing down that first meal of the day.  Of course, nowadays "chasing down" means hitting the fridge or the local restaurant, so it's pretty much worthless.. but of course, it's not like your body is going to evolve OUT of the habit for a long, long time.

Today I woke up late and didn't eat breakfast.  Waking BG (blood glucose) was 108, fine.  Inside 2 hours it was up to 167!  And I hadn't eaten ANYTHING, just had coffee with non-dairy creamer (carb free).  Of course I freaked as it kept going up, peaking at 189 (oww oww).  I hadn't had my glyburide/metformin either, so I was asking for problems.

So, it appears that I'm going to have to be real careful about eating breakfast on time.  This likely means no long sleping in on weekends as it jacks everything up, timing-wise.  I guess getting up at 7:30pm on a weekend isn't so bad.. just need to fix up an alarm that'll do it for me.  I guess, staying indoors all weekend is likely not a real good idea either as I get ZERO exercise, and during the week I end up doing a fair amount of walkng.  Hurt foot or not, I'm going to be forced to get out.. I can't just sit here and watch my BG go through the roof, that's an E.R. visit if I'm not careful.

Maybe I should invest in a cheap exercise bike.  I have room in my cave, and if I use it on weekends to keep the exercise up it'll pay for itself pretty quickly - not to mention I can use it when the weather is crummy.  It's aerobic and low-impact, so my foot should be happy with it.

I swear, if it's not ONE thing, it's ANOTHER.  And I was skipping the Austin Hot Sauce Festival to "stay in and rest"!  Bad move!

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