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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dehydration, diabetes, and blood sugar

Today, I made a discovery (d'oh)!  If you don't drink enough water, your blood glucose starts to skyrocket!

I don't drink enough water, I know this already, and worse I drink a LOT of coffee and tea.  So I think I've been running in a constant state of medium dehydration.. and over the past few days I've watched my average blood glucose (BG) creep up.. and up.. and up..

Well, today, 4 hours after lunch I did a test and it was 178!!! OH MY GOD did I freak out!  Was it the beans I had for lunch?  The English muffin for breakfast?  I've had them before without seeing this kind of thing.. what's the issue?  Panic ensued.

I finally noticed I was REALLY THIRSTY.  And did some research - yep - diabetics have to watch out for dehydration as if you don't drink enough water, your BG goes up, ketones back up in your system, you get irritable and unhappy and then it gets REAL bad.

So, since I've been bad bad about drinking water, I slowly sipped in a couple of cups over the past hour and lo and behold!  BG down to 137.  Whew!  Panic over, but what to do about this?

So, first, I've taped a note to my computer (lol)!  So, at least at the office, I'll have a reminder.  At home I'll have to find a way to pester ern REMIND myself to get water into me.  Home should be easier as I can pout a splash of lemon or lime juice in and make the water tastier, promoting drinking more of it.

Sigh - yet another thing to have to keep track of.  Meh.  I'm going to need my dang Android tablet programmed to keep me reminded of all this stuff!

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