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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fiddly Litle Bits

Finally gave in and bought an electric kettle online - none of the local stores carry the high-quality brands, so I grabbed a Krupps unit from Amazon.  I also got a 12-pack of flowering teas for my crystal teapot, and a nice glass mug.  I've set aside space on the table next to my computer station/starship control/writers nest for a hot beverage station, this will make it easier to focus whilst scribbling down things since I won't have to run to the kitchen for Every Single Cup.

Not feeling too swinging today, I think I had too much fun last night!  I was out a bit late, ate too much steak and shrimp (heh) and came home and fell asleep without taking my glyburide/metformin.  Amazingly, when I woke up my blood sugar was only 128, so it wasn't a serious mis-step.

I must be getting old - things I used to enjoy (recently) are getting boring.  Strip club is boring, now CHAT is boring!  Went in last night and it was the same people, saying the same things, in the same way, for the same reasons.  Urgh.  Nothing inspiring there, well, I was inspired to leave and go get "Forbidden Planet" from Amazon.

Two weeks until vacation!  I can't wait, I really need the break and staying home and cooking/writing all week will be nice.  I have one visit to the podiatrist and that's it, the only "serious" thing I'll be doing.

Back to work for me!

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