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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday frolics

Another day, another fifty cents - after taxes, anyway.

So far, I've managed to keep from buying stuff that distracts me from writing.  I'm going to switch to sculpting as my "sanity" hobby as I've done it before, I enjoy it, and smashing the CRAP OUT OF THE CLAY is CATHARTIC DIE CLAY DIEEEEE oops, sorry - I'm back now.  Savces me the cost of guitar strings too, which I used to routinely break at least once a week.  Clay is easy to fix (well, Sculpey is) so if I vent on it, who cares?  I might make something interesting!

I'm also doing pretty well blogging here.  I want to blog here and on my AuthorsDen site at least 4 times a week, preferably daily when I'm not neck deep in a writing project.  I need to build up some fans, keep them in the loop, and generally become Self Promoting(tm) or some such.

This weekend, I'm going to finally reformat/reinstall Windows 7 Pro on the Asus machine.  I'm also going to move Scrivener and Jutoh over to the Scylla (the i5 machine) along with the Coffeecup HTML Editor.  Photoshop will stay installed, as will the Wacom tablet.  Charybdis will become the backup machine/music listening machine/movie watching machine and all "serious work will land on Scylla.  Charybdis will also manage all backup media and handle any external storage I add (like my current 640GB backup drive).  I'll need a USB 2.0 hub for her, to handle all the external devices (USB sticks, USB HDs).  the only media creation that's going to happen will be Web art and photos of my sculpting (or other photo of Austin or my travels) - no 3D, no video, no animation, nada else.

I'll need some Sculpey and a marble tile to use as a work surface, and a spare table to hold it.

I've freed up space for a coffeepot/tea maker next to the computer station, on a long bedside table, so I just need the coffee/tea maker.  There's even room to keep the coffee and tea!  My writers nest is coming along nicely.

THE PLAN so far calls for one fantasy/noir novel that might turn into a series, a trilogy or so of novellas, and a mystery series, with the possibility of an occult horror/erotica series as well.  Gotta write 'em all!

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