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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inspirational and educational reading

A friend pointed this site out to me, and it matches what I've experienced so far.  It has a lot of good medical information on what diabetes is and the mechanism by which it works, things that my doctor didn't tell me.

Also some inspirational reading from folks with WAY worse problems than I have, that have manged to get things back to normal with just mild medication and a fair amount of lifestyle change.  This too matches my experience - drop the carbs, exercise more, and watch your blood glucose go down!  It's good!

I'm considering dropping my breakfast muffin and getting a breakfast taco on the way to work.  the tortilla is going to be about 18g of cqrbs less than the 25g for the sourdough muffins I'm munching.  If I skip the potato and get egg/chorizo/cheese, I'll have all I need for a healthy low-carb breakfast.  This means I'll have to bring my glyburide/metformin in to the office with me, but I can pack it in my lunchbox with the cold pack, and that will keep it safe from the blazing Texas sun.

I'm also going to attempt to just flat-out stop eating bread at home - I already quit rice - to change to lower-glycemic-index (GI) foods like beans.  Yes, beans still have carbs, but they also have dietary fiber which is necessary.  Adding greens (as in: salads) will help things, especially if I stick a chunk of meat on the top and bring it in to work for lunch!  Grilled salmon or chicken or BBQ RIBS on fresh greens!

In other news, my electric kettle should arrive tomorrow!  I had ordered some flowering teas from Amazon, but they sat in the "not shipped yet" state for too long so *poof* I canceled them.  I can get some nice Japanese tea from the local Asian imports, and the HEB carries lots of new herbal teas, so I should do fine.

Slowly but surely, progress is made.

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