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Friday, August 31, 2012


Gotta get down on Friday! Damn that Rebecca Black song, it's stuck in my head! HELP!

Anyway, last day of work before my weeks vacation - it's a bit busy, but I'm leaving at 2:45PM so it's gong to be a SHORT day. Turns out they're closing the company at 3:00PM today anyway, so it's not THAT early!  I'll hit the bank for vacation/weekend money, then go home!  Well, I might get a latte' on the way.

Things should be quiet over the weekend, I just need to run off to Walmart for a quick task, then it's mostly shopping for ribs for Sunday.  I'm going to slow-cook 'em again, yaay! Monday I'll be cooking chicken, I think - oven-roasted - not sure which spices yet.  Something hot!

Otherwise, urgh.  Having normal blood sugar is taking getting used to!  When I get that "200+ sugar rush" I feel NORMAL but sickish, and I can blast along doing things insanely fast - but it's a "damage level" ont he glucose so it's not a place to be all the time.  I can still code, work, write, etc. on a normal BG level but I feel so lethargic!  I thought it was the blood pressure med (Lisinopril) but since the BG boost "fixes" it, I'm retty sure it's not a major player in the flat feeling department.

I hear this is normal, though.  The body gets so used to the dramatically elevated blood sugar that anything less feels "wrong" and you get tired.  No idea how long it takes to get over it, since I've only been more or less normal for about a month I suspect it's too early to expect to feel decent.

Next paydays check is almost 100% free.  To get a Core i7 system or a guitar?  Decisions, decisions..

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