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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making it Easier

Or, more appropriately, "HOW can I make my writing life easier"? Possibly even "HOW can I make it real easy to stay home and write and not want to go out every night instead?" ARGH!

I've taken a lot of steps to make my Writers Cave a place to stay:

- Comfy chair
- Comfy desk
- Fast computer
- Good keyboard, mouse, and display
- Nice lighting
- Nice smelling
- Good temperature
- Tons of tunes appropriate for writing things
- Tea and tea makings right next to the computer desk

..and yet I find myself thinking "Payday! 1/2 goes to rent, the other half I can GO OUT ON WHEEE" before I get a grip on myself and think about walking all over the place on an injured foot in a stupid, loose protective "shoe".  That helps kill the urge, but, why is the urge there at all?

Could it be "cabin fever"?  I have bee cooped up for weeks now, since getting out of the hospital, and in fact have only "been out" 3 times since my discharge.  I will note that in none of those 3 trips did I have a really good time, I mostly sat around and - you guessed it - thought about stories, or characters, or how to proceed on works-in-progress.  Meh.

It's possible I'm terminally distracted internally - I have a lot of conflicts going on right now, none of which is particularly conducive to "sitting and writing".. between the foot, the blood sugar, all the extra labor of fixing my own meals (breakfast AND lunch AND dinner), having to dramatically change my schedule for waking up and going to sleep to adapt to all this, uncertainty as to how I should proceed to invest my time and energy online, and still adjusting to having gone from a blood glucose of 350+ to around 110 (tiredness, weird physical effects) are taking a real toll on my concentration.  It's slightly screwing with my productivity at work, thankfully I can code even when 1/2 dead and distracted, so it's not much more than an annoyance.

At least there's vacation soon - just tomorrow, then next week, and it's nine days without work!  I have to remember to turn my alarm off - lol!  I'll probably stay at home or go on short bus-related jaunts, nothing too fancy as my foot is still very unhappy with me and needs more "heal time".

That's todays annoyances!

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