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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No more bread on bread, and turning Japanese

Well, based on the experiments I've performed on myself, it's true : bread will really push up my blood sugar, and beans don't do it as much OR as quickly.  I've experimented now over two weeks, and the results from Miss Stabbykins (yes, my pet name for my glucose meter) are inescapable.

when I eat enough beans to feel full (1/2 a cup), I'll go up to about 128-132 after a meal.  Same meal, with two slices of bread or a single English muffin, I see 148-154.  OUCH!!  This is NOT good.

So, I won't be spending any more bread on bread (lol).  I'll be replacing it with beans of various kinds, pearled barley, yams, and the like.  It's going to make for an odd breakfast, but I'll get there...

As to breakfast: well, it turns out that the time I spent in California/Silicon Valley at a small residence in, merrily having miso soup and tofu with rice, was actually amazingly healthy!  Substitute brown or wild rice for the Japanese short-grained white rice and it's a high quality, low-carb meal - especially if I add some meat (fish would be great if I can find a way to cook fish for breakfast in advance).  I can pre-cook a vat of miso soup with tofu and veggies, and serve myself every morning - just dump it in a bowl or mug, nuke it, and it's FEEDING TIME!  This should work out well.

Speaking of Japanese, I need to find a sushi place that will serve me dead fish on something OTHER than rice, since consuming a huge volume of sushi rice will spike my glucose like an NFL player after a playoff touchdown.  I wonder if the local (Roll On Sushi) can make a salad with greens and fish?  I'll have to check!

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