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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Retail Therapy

Painful day - the hurt foot is giving me a lot of cramping, randomly, which is no fun!  Not even where the injury is, either.. blech.

Regardless, today I blew some cash on a plush lionfish, a plush iguana, and a KING GHIDORAH figurine!  Friends for my two plush snakes, and a start to my GODZILLA monster collection.  I also bought some apple wood and pecan wood liquid smoke to make indoor grilling more flavorful.  Nice!

Not a lot left for infrastructure now.  The electric kettle shipped and should arrive before the end of the week.  Tea supplies should show up next week sometime.  The last things I can think of - and it's stretching - are a 23in monitor to make it easier to have more things open at once (more Scrivener windows!) and a couple of large SDHC cards to permanently put in both laptops as local boot accelerators and non-HD backup storage.. 16GB should do, I suspect.

Things do proceed apace - I'm dropping working on short stories from THE PLAN to focus on novellas, novels, and serials - things better for self-publishing.  The serial will be The Vicky Chronicles, and I' going to make that FREE TO READ on my blog (I'll make a new one) and use it as Shameless Self-Promotion(tm).  Drive traffic not cars!  Or something like that.

Maybe a lava lamp.. I always wanted a lava lamp.. or one of those plasma ball things..

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