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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Bits and Bobs

Win 7 Pro installed on my Asus system - I'm running it right now.  With IE up and Google Drive installed, RAM usage is.. 1.08GB.  Dang!  That's about HALF of the RAM usage befoe I reinsalled!  Excellent!

It's also snappier - like a new machine, almost.  I have ZERO complaints.  I'll do the server setup later, right now I'm just happy as a clam!  Found and detected the monitor, setup was simple.. so I'm good to go.  Saves the cost of a new laptop.

Well, in other news - I wne out to my favorite "gentleman's club" tonight and I was.. bored.  I mean bored, bored, bored.  How could  I be bored with topless ladies running around?  I'm not sure, it it is completely possible!  So I had a nice ribeye dinner, tipped my waitress a lot, and left.  Bored.  I'll  have to analyze WHY, but for now, it's just a sign I need to be spending my time and attention elsewhere.

I spent almost all the time thinking about my characters, new characters, the various worlds I have in my head, how to write in each of them, the local physics/matic systems... I got a lot of thinking done.  Ended up bored anyway, but it wasn't a total loss as dinner was good.. but.. eh.  Waste of time, I would have had more fun getting a steak at the Frisco and chatting with the nice ladies behind the counter.  Meh.

Other than that, much done today!  I moved all my writings over to Scylla, installed most of my writing tools, installed Win 7 pro on Charybdis, did a little cooking, and have chicken wings prepped for tomorrow!  I still need to get a nice coffeepot for my room, and a cup for my fancy glass teapot, and flowering tea - but that's maybe 15 minutes of work on Amazon.

I still can't believe how fast and efficient this "old" macine is now.  I need to enable the second LAN card, ut that's it for hardware.  Eventually I'll stick a hub on it and a huge backup drive, but that can wait.

It's time to go watch a movie, then bed!

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