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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ugh, argh, blech

Been crazy busy, with physical therapy, wound care, the guitar and bass, a new MIDI keyboard, almost becoming a DJ, then having all kinds of weird blood-glucose-related mood issues.  Np fun at all!

Things are kind of getting back on track.  I've re-installed Poser Pro 2010, started in in re-installing my content, working on setting the bass up (action is too high), gave up trying to be a DJ because of the mood issues, writing music, NOT writing novels (argh argh), and NOW getting a nasty cold.  Ugh, blech!

Regardless, things DO proceed apace.  I've cut back on chat a lot and am spending that time working on 3D art, music, and book research.  Work is kind of slow right now as we move into the holiday season so soon I'll be writing during lunch!  Finally!

Tonight it's cold care and downloading the two games I own via Steam: Call of Cthulhu, and Dungeon Siege III.  Eventually I'll get Skyrim, because I want to FUS RO DAH!  Fun fun fun!

Finally blogged so now I can go to bed, h!

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