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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Catching Up

My but it has been busy!

Let's see.. got a new guitar, am going to swap all 3 pickups on it (Ibanez RG250DX) and replace the pickup switch.  The neck is INCREDIBLE and I love the body, but the electronics are lame.  Feh.

I'm going to sell the Ibanez six-string bass, as I barely play it, and will likely get a baritone guitar.  The Alesis Qx25 MIDI controller + my virtual instruments covers the bass sounds I need for my music, so it's not a loss of any kind.

Still not writing much.. not sure why. I'll have to figure it out and fix it!

Re-installing all my 3D content.  Sure, it's a hobby, but I find it enjoyable to make waked-out 3D scenes!  It satisfies the "movie maker" part of me, without costing as much.

I'm finally trying to get all my music on to m+ yAndroid tablet, so I can sell the ancient Dell (or give it away to a school or something).  I'll be getting a new laptop that's far newer/faster in the next 2 months, so I need room for it!  Plus, I want to be able to listen to my relaxation music at night while I sleep and the tablet would be perfect for that.

As to the foot, it's healing along nicely.  I'm still stuck in the stupid medical protective shoe, and will be on a cane for who knows how long, but Things Proceed Apace.

Thanksgiving was nice and I managed to not get too sick of turkey.  Next up are the year-end holidays, maybe I'll try cooking a ham!  It's worth a shot.  I'll be off a few days around Xmas and New Years so I hope to do some nice cooking.

I think that covers it all! Back to work for me!

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