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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let Chaos Reign!

Well, it sure seems like it, anyway.  The short summary:

Lots of hospital visits to work on amputation wound.  All is healed now, I'm still on a cane for balance but normal shoes and I can walk close to my normal speed.  Hooray!

Music: I'm switching away from pretty much everything to just solo guitar+voice.  This means Craigslist is about to get a million posts as I sell gear (heh).

2D3D: Trying to break out and do more horror/erotic/pinup stuff, and maybe finally get back to the Vicky Chronicles Webcomic!  It's sssllooowww work.

Writing: Making a break from the past, I'm shelving "Dead Ringer" (which was a NaNoWriMo holdover, anyway) to focus on the "Threshold" trilogy.  I dumped my Android tablet and Dell laptop to get a Lenovo Tablet PC with a pen, so now I can take hand-written notes AND type (the sucker has a full keyboard too), which was what the Android tablet was supposed to do.  So now I can scribble story notes anywhere, woot!

And now.. drum roll.. housing!  My now very-ex housemate managed to set the house we shared on fire.  He blew a beaker, couldn't get the heater working in his room, beat the breaker box until it arced, and THEN tried to heat the place with the stove!  The electrician said the oven ran for hours at full blast, and overheated the wires.. which caught fire.  I'm in a temporary room for now, and hopefully in March will be shifting to something larger.. right now most of my stuff is inaccessible and I'm down to 2 computers, 1 guitar, and almost no other gear.  Talk about minimal!

Anyway, this years theme is SIMPLIFY.  I want to focus more on writing and 3D art/Webcomics, and then music for personal enjoyment and sharing only.  Lets keep it simple!

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