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Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Maunderings

Monday, blech.  Oh well, it has to be dealt with.

Things proceed apace.  Sold off my 23in monitor, prepping the Dell for shipment, found a good home for the Android tablet.  Tonight and tomorrow night I'll post the rest of my junque on Craigslist.  What doesn't get sold by Sunday, goes either to Goodwill or into the trash!

I've made a reservation at a Value Inn on a bus line, the commute is a little longer but not too bad.  The place will be a weekly-rent studio with a small stove, fridge, TV, and of course Internet access!  I have it initially booked for 2 weeks starting next Thursday, but will extend it as long as it takes me to find a good, more permanent place.  At about $300/week it's not too horrible, maid service once a week, coin-op laundry right there as well.  There's really nothing close, so I won't be going out as much for the duration, plus the bus only runs until 9:30pm on Saturday/Sunday so that means if I'm out late, it's taxi time!  Will have to budget for that.

Not much else going on, all bandwidth is consumed in prepping to move.  I need to cram as much money on to the prepaid credit card as I can in the next few weeks, to provide a buffer in case something goes horribly wrong and I end up having to hang out in a regular hotel/motel somewhere, but that's a worst-case scenario.  Fun money pool is dramatically reduced for now, likely won't party anywhere but at home until I find a new place to settle.

What a bother.

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