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Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, Monday

At least it's not a MANIC Monday.  I have to be grateful for the little things, I guess.

Well, GO RAVE?NS! My team won so I'm happy about that, it was a good game except for the whole blackout thing.  I ate way too many chicken wings and drank way too much beer, and while I had one heck of a good time - today I pay.  I think, no wings or beer for a few weeks (uurp).

All computers set up and going.  The i5 system is now dedicated to 2D/3D art, the Asus has all my writing and ePublishing software, and the tablet has my Kindle library and a copy of Scrivener for portable and in-bed writing tasks.  This arrangement will do fine for a while, the only thing I might do is still replace the i5 with an i7, and move the i5 to be the writing machine, and sell the Asus off.  But honestly, that's months away at the earliest.

The studio is all set up, it's functional but I need a power supply for the multitrack (which I just ordered from Musicians Friend today).  Next up will be replacing the 4 track with an 8 track recorder, another Tascam since I really like having all the knobs and buttons.  Hooray for hardware!

As to guitars, I'm not going to touch the Strat pickups - with the right settings, it chimes, sings, and quacks like a duck (lol)!  The RG will get the P-Rails in the bridge, a Lace Sensor Gold in the middle, and a Bluesbucker in the neck.  This will turn the RG into a rock/heavy blues guitar that can stretch to metal.  I love the bass tone and I'll be taking the bass in for setup work next weekend, the neck seems a bit off in the upper frets and the action above the 12th fret is a bit high.

Writing, writing, writing.  Wrote some this weekend, and this week will get further into Threshold and the plot arc for the next 2 novellas.  It's going to be a fair amount of work to get it done, but I've pretty much cleaned everything but my day gig off my plate and I can focus on writing first, music and art second.

Shudder.. I can still taste chicken wings, even now, over the  coffee I'm sucking down.  Nasty.

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