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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Stuff Out The Door

Ok, last night the guy who's starting a band came by and got the bass and all the effects pedals, leaving me only with the drum machine.  Sigh, but they're going to a good home where they'll be used.  The guy who wanted the Strat came, saw, and bought during lunch.  Tonight I'm giving my Android tablet to a nice lady that's starting her own business, just because I like her and want her to succeed.  Tomorrow night the RG250DX goes out, along with the P-Rails pickup.  Nothing left but the drum machine to sell!

Looks like no rain this weekend so shipping the Dell off will happen, and I can make a couple of Goodwill runs.  Whoopie!

Not much progress in the writing department, what with the move, selling stuff, etc. my mood has been kind of antithetical to writing anything other than poetry about being miserable (yecch).  I did buy a couple of Kindle books on writing romance and sex scenes (blush) because I think I need help there.  Grabbed a couple of history books as well, for reference use later.

3D art front, been learning about Posers lighting models and trying to get thing more realistic looking.  I don't need photoreal for album art or book illustrations but for my pin-up stuff (Vargas style) it'd be nice.  Much to learn, much to learn.

Work proceeds.  Every time I think I'm going to work myself out of the job, something new comes up for me to do, so I'll probably be here for quite a while!  That works for me.

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