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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moving time!

Well, it seems that the property owner of the place I live has decided to convert the place into  more lucrative vacation/short term rental, so I need to be out no later than March 1st.!

Mostly what this is, is annoying.  Short-term, I can move into a weekly motel or extended stay residence inn.  Longer-term I need to find a less expensive solution (lol) but that shouldn't be much of a challenge.

Moving all my stuff, however, is painful, and so (sigh) I'm going to sell off abut 80% of what I own, get it all down into my rolling duffel bag + backpack + small carrying bag, and then try to NOT GET MORE JUNK without getting RID of something first!

Staying will be my Core i5 laptop, the Asus T4400 dual-core laptop, my Android tablet, and the Lenovo Tablet PC.  Also staying will be all my 2D/3D/music software.  Clothes, critical paperwork, and my stuffed toys come along for the trip as well.  I'll toss in one of my headphone/mic sets and a pile of small keepsakes and personal maintenance gear, and that'll easily fit into my bags.  I'm already about 2/3 packed, only daily necessities and 2 of the computers (tje i5 laptop and the tablet PC) are live right now.

Going will be.. EVERYTHING ELSE.  Yep - all guitars, all music hardware, all recording gear, plastic toy models, audio gear, and unused clothes.  I have a HUGE bag of old t-shirts, dress shirts too small for me, and other sundry items that I'm going to donate to charity.

I let way too much stuff build up over the past months. Should the local economy bomb and I need to move it would be painful and difficult right now, and I need to stay relatively portable so I can jump on a moments notice.

It's a big change of plans BUT! I'm still writing and doing 3D, music will be back on the computer (sigh) and that should all do quite nicely.

So, this weekend will be a HUGE moving sale as I dump a ton of goodies on the public.  Anything that doesn't sell will go to a local charity (to be chosen depending on what's left).

Well, I wanted to simplify.. and I got it! Not quite how I expected, but it's effective.

More as it happens.

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