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Friday, February 1, 2013

Stupor Bowl Sundae

Well, it's the Football Weekend to end All Football Weekends - the Super Bowl.  Too bad the Texans aren't in it, so I'm not super excited.  I've lived in the Baltimore area, and the SF Bay Area, so I'm torn between "Go Niners" and "Go Ravens".. argh!  I'll probably go out to Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon for live music and just avoid the whole football thing.

Well, the back house is fixed up, all fire damage repaired, and the electrical system redone.. so tonight I'm moving back into my old room for the near future.  There's some student from Spain that has emergency need of a place to stay, so I'm going to shift over ASAP so she can take my old room.

Still have the darn cold, the sucker is hanging on tight!  It's being beaten back but darn, it's taking forever to shake it.  The wild variations in weather surely aren't helping, a week of 78f or so, then down to the 40s again, then back into the 70s.. urgh.

Still going to spend most of the weekend prepping things to sell and getting my computer set up again.   I'll be back on the lit keyboard and 21in monitor, hooray! It's WAY easier to work on 3D on something bigger than the 15.6in monitor on the laptop.

If I get a Core i7, it's going to have a 17in. screen.  That way if I end up in a small place again, I can still do 3D work without going blind (heh).

I need to blog more often on my writing sites, Red Room and AuthorsDen.  Once I get myself into a schedule, that should become easier.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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