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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The End Is Near!

Well, the end of my time at my old place, anyway.

Woke up and did final packing and triage today.  99% of everything is now in my rolling duffel bag, only bit and bobs out along with the i5 laptop.  Tonight it's bag the laptop after calling the cab, wait out front.. and I'm done!

I've been debating bringing the i5 system into the office and keeping it here until I find a more permanent place and taking the Asus box into the residence inn.  It has all my writing software and the screen is the same size as the i5, so it'd be perfect for focusing on FINISHING SOMETHING DARN IT!  No music software, no 3D software, no 2D software.. just music and writing, and sometimes chat.  It seems like a good idea, at least for now, so Monday I'll bring in the i5 and take home the Asus box.  The other upside: if someone steals it, it's less of a "cry myself to bits" loss than the i5!

Foot is no better or worse.  I'll probably get a lecture from the doc about running around on it at all, but I'm used to just shrugging and saying "Sorry, I need to get paid so you get paid" and that seems to shut 'em up.

Not sleeping well lately, I guess between the foot, the moving stress, and 10,000 little things it's making a mess of my sleep cycle.  Feh.

Back to work for me!

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