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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ugh, ANOTHER foot injury!

You read it  right - I managed to injure my left foot again.

Long story short, I slipped getting off the bus on Saturday as I was out shipping packages.  No skin breaks or obvious external trauma, so I figured.. no big deal, I'll just go home when I'm done.. and continued to run around on it.

Sunday morning at 4:00 AM I awaken to a massively swollen left foot.  Panic ensues, and when it doesn't immediately shrink in cold water it's off to the emergency room.  Doc thinks it's an infection and sticks an antibiotic IV in me, takes x-ways, and preps to check me in to the hospital.  Well, turns out it's no infection, but a compound fracture in my left foot behind the big toe!  Apparently I managed to wack it hard enough to break it when I slipped.  The same osteopath that did the amputation comes in, says it'll need surgery once the swelling reduces, they stick me in a medical full-calf boot and send me home until Friday, when I go see the osteopath again.  I hope we can schedule surgery either for Saturday so I can recuperate over the weekend, or next Thursday.. I can't afford to miss too many days or there's going to be some scrambling for rent money.

This is some seriously bad timing.  I *have* to move tomorrow, all the pieces are in place and there's no way I can stay in my old place past Friday morning.  The residence inn is expecting me tomorrow between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM, so that's a done deal.  Not only that, I have to make it to the bank tomorrow morning to get money to go put on the prepaid credit card before I come into work.  Argh!

The only good news this week is that my paycheck was a bit larger than my estimate, so I can put more on the prepaid card.  That, and it turns out that there's a convenience store AND a Whataburger very close to the residence inn, so I have options for getting food other than the BBQ place and Jack In The Box.

It's all a total pain in the butt, but I'll make it through somehow!

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