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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Foot the bill.. or bill the foot?

Ok, fun time at the doctors this morning.

Between the doctor, the finance person, and me we had quite a lively animated discussion (ie. argument) over the whole foot surgery issue.  To summarize what was an hour long session, the surgery is not a medical necessity, no life or limb is threatened, and while it would be GOOD to get the foot fixed it's not time critical.  Sure it makes the next surgery more complex as they may have to remove/move scar tissue but not to a significant extent.  So, I stay in the annoying medical boot for 4-6 weeks after the swelling is gone and then I'm good for a regular shoe again.  If anything bad happens, to the E.R. I go, but there's no infection and things are proceeding, just slowly since I'm walking on it.

The good is, of course, that I can pay off the $2000 I still owe the place, while saving money for the surgical procedure since I know how much it's going to cost.   I don't lose a week of work while I'm trying to save up deposit & rent money for a move to a more permanent place.  I can bank money and shove a ton on the prepaid credit card in preparation for the whole affair.

The bad is, I'm stuck in this boot likely for twice as long total as it'll heal up, then I got get cut on and THAT has to heal up.  There's also a remote chance of breaking it WORSE if I have an accident or do something stupid, but that'd be a risk even if I had the surgery (and after surgery it's going to be a LOT more delicate until the wound heals).

So.. I will minimize walking the next month or so, keep icing it down when I'm not out, and generally Be Real Nice(tm) to the foot.  During this time I'll pay off the old debt and save for the new one, so I can just pay it off when it happens.  This also means I can save for the chat meet in May in Las Vegas (which is within 2 days of my birthday).  All in all, pretty decent results.

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