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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meh, mostly

Not much going on.  The darn foot isn't any better or any worse, still somewhat swollen, better slightly some days, but nothing dramatic one way or the other.

Got a lecture about working 40 hours all the time, even though my work is on schedule and I don't bill when I'm here, so I get to work long hours 2 days to make up for having to leave early Thursdays and Fridays.  Not like I can't use the money, I suppose.

But, meh.

I'm working on 2 flash fiction stories while I think deeply about Threshold.  It's a great opportunity to experiment since they're under 1000 words, and I can rewrite the whole darn thing if I don't like it.

But, meh.

No music composed lately, either, but I do almost have all my original software studio rebuilt on the PC, and everything runs smooth as silk.

Still, meh.  Just meh.

Can't wait for the weekend, maybe going out for chicken wings and beer will help de-meh me.

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