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Monday, March 4, 2013

Temporarily Ensconced

Whew! All moved now and settling in to my temporary residence.  It's pretty nice for a "value inn" kind of residence, not too many noisy neighbors, the place is clean and well-maintained, and the soda machine is convenient - as well as the junk food machine (which has popcorn, hooray).

I'm going to be here until after my foot surgery, I think.  Lots of close places to eat, short walk to the bus stop, an affordable cab trip to the office - and very small distances to move in the room - make it perfect for recovering from a foot operation.  One the darn thing heals a bit, I'll start looking in earnest.

I managed to blast out a 459-word flash fiction piece on Sunday!  Kind of amazed myself, really.  I'll eventually post it somewhere, I want to give it a revision pass before I declare victory.  It's actually easy to do without distractions, I just threw on some music, stuck on the headphones, and went to it.

Slowly but surely making my way through a nice book on tools for self-editing, it's great stuff!  I should make a page that's recommended reading.. hmm.

No 2D/3D work right now as it's hard to do on the small laptop screen.  Same for the music at the moment, although Tracktion is easy to use even on the laptop display.  I definitely need a 17 inch screen on my next machine!

Later on this week I'll resurrect Dead Ringer and see if I can't whip it back into shape.  I think I have the knowledge I need to bring it to completion!

Argh more coffee...

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