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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unreal Estate

I'm sure glad I like my little efficiency, because it looks like I'm going to be there for a while.

First, it's South by Southwest, and anyone with an empty closet is renting it out for an extortionary rate.  I've seen COUCHES for rent for $80 a night! Dang, I'd be on that too if I had space to rent out!  Once South By is over, these should revert to better month-by-month prices.

Second, the school season is in flux so there are a lot of "student-oriented" places (read: party houses) for lease for the school season.  And as much as I like to have fun, I also like to have SLEEP, so none of these will do.  It's too bad because the idea of living in a 4-bedroom with 2 female housemates is kind of intriguing.. oh well, too old for that!

Third, deposits.  All the nicer places want about $500 or so for a deposit plus first months rent.  I don't have that right now because of medical bills, so I'm stuck until I can bank a pile of cash to cover it.

And finally.. The Foot.  With the broken bone, I need ti minimize my walking until it's mostly healed.  The ValuePlace Inn I'm in is 1-1/2 blocks from the bus stop, next to a Whataburger, a sub shop, a bbq place, a urgent medical care place, a spa, and a corner grocery, with a Jack in the Box 2 blocks off.  In the room, the furthest I have to go is from the bed to the bathroom, which is all of 5 yards!  Nothing is a long walk and my foot loves me for this (lol).  Six weeks of low mileage on my tootsies will definitely help me heal faster and better.

Given that my stay is open-ended, the nice lady at the office at the inn says that I just need to pay for the next week every time and I can stay as long as I want.  This is about as easy as it gets.

Once the stars align (heh), I'm likely to look in South Austin, in the more artistic part of town - SoCo, or South Congress.  I've seen some nice writers-cave places that would be nice, if only I had the deposit money and my foot were healed (sigh).. around $750/mo, all bills paid.

Back to work and reading "2K to 10K", a book about how to write better, faster, and more professionally.  Go me!

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