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Monday, March 25, 2013

Write Living

Well, I finally managed to get my tail in gear and dive into work on Threshold this weekend.

I'm in what I think of as "pre-production".. research, world-building, an initial character list (main and supporting), and the outline of the main plot.  I've discovered that if I try to write anything longer than a flash fiction piece without a basic structure down, I get lost in trying to mix plot creation with running my characters THROUGH the plot and the results are pretty awful.

Bought more music to write by, some Celtic stuff, and some Steel Panther for when I need to rock out.  Music has a palpable effect on my writing, I've discovered.

The foot is healing, but slowly, as expected.  If I could take a week and stay off it I'm sure it would help, but that's not going to happen.  I'm minimizing the amount of total time I spend on it, though, and trying to keep long walking sessions to a minimum so that there's recovery time in between.  Loading the cabinet at work with soup helps as that eliminates a 3 block lunch time walk!

Work proceeds.. the demo last week went over fairly well, now to finish up this thing so that I can go on to the next project!  All I know is that there are a pile of other projects but the boss won't send me on to the next one until this one ships (lol)!  Pretty unusual for me to just have one iron in the fire.. ok, well, I have 2 (heh).

I'm still planning on the chat meet in May, just before my birthday.  I need to get a pile of money on to the credit card so it's going to be full 40 hour weeks for as long as I can do it.  It'll be nice, I've never been to Las Vegas and I['m curious.

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