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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dreams, nightmares, visions, and boring stuff

Ah, sleep deprivation!  It's a wonderful inspiration.. not for programming so much, though.

I've been having some seriously odd dreams lately, I'm not 100% sure of the reason.. stress, the above-mentioned sleep loss, food (HOT HOT wings), or just being alone at last and starting to relax at home a bit now that things are stabilizing.

I don't keep a dream journal any more, but I do recall most of my dreams in the morning, and if anything seems meaningful I'll type it into my laptop.  One thing they've been useful for is story ides, I'e had 4-5 dreams that will make great weird fiction stories!

I've located two online e-zines that take story submissions.  Time to get my butt in gear and write, write, write!  I have two weird fiction shorts in progress and a few ideas for others, so I have plenty of material to get rejected (heh).

Work proceeds apace, lots of new product development, new code, bug fixing, and other things that are keeping me gainfully employed.  Nothing super-exciting or new, but it's steady and interesting work, so I'm not ready to polish my resume quite yet.

Not much on the music or 3D front.  While my DAW (digital audio workstation) program is quite usable on the laptop screen, my 3D applications are a pain as the icon-based interfaces and menus end up TINY.  Near instant eyestrain isn't conducive to creativity, so the 3D thing remains on hold until I get a laptop with a 17 inch screen (later this year).

I hope to start composing again this weekend, when I'm not writing.  I have some soundscape/cinematic pieces in my head I'd love to make real!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Buying Binge!

I love to read, and since I've brought my Tablet PC home I end up reading myself to sleep more often.

It's Payday, so I went berserk and loaded up on Kindle books.  Mostly history this time around: Medieval Europe, Inca, and some general European history books.

I love reading history and mythology.  The more I learn the more interesting my writing becomes as I have a bigger and bigger base of information to draw on.  Not to mention I get a TON of story ideas out of it!  Lots of great plots and ideas for fantasy and horror fiction, you can't beat that!

Blech, feeling flat today.  Note that it's hard to sleep well with a broken foot if you tend to roll over alot!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kow Bell Insanity!

I finally sat down with Tracktion, my effects plugins, and my massive loop library and finished off a challenge song - a song consisting almost completely of cowbells!

I now have seven minutes of cowbell samples being tortured, twisted, broken, shifted, and mangled.. along with some cow moos and a couple of pretty angry chickens.

This one guy always wants more cowbell, so, this should sate even his insane lust for the bell of the cow!

Kow Bell Insanity

Don't listen if you value your mind!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Variety is the Lice of Spite

Or something like that.

I've been blogging almost daily on my Red Room site, which is nice as it's good practice and discipline.  My traffic has gone way up since I've been more active, as well.  I must be doing something right!

On the home front, much scrivening at home, several small flash fiction pieces out and most of the chapter outline for Threshold completed.  I'm going to stay in my writers den at the ValuePlace Inn for the foreseeable future as it's affordable, near work, and let's me focus on work and writing.

I hope to work on some music this weekend, as well.  Balance, balance, balance!

As to work?  It's been crazed!  I'm shifting back and forth between embedded C and C#/.NET programming almost every day, it's a lot of fun and it's hard to get bored.  I'm currently working on a data acquisition and visualization tool for optimizing the performance of an embedded device I wrote the code for.. it's pretty cool.  Plus I get to add data visualization and .NET to my resume (heh).

Not much else going on, just trying to let the foot heal and trying to stay healthy.  I'm putting in those 40 hur weeks to save up for the chat meet in Las Vegas in May! Whee!