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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Catching up...

Been a while since my last blog here.

I've mostly been focused on my Red Room authors blog, as I'm trying to push my writing to the next level.  I tend to blog non-writing things here, so if you want my babbling verbiage on writing hit Red Room.

I'll be 54 on May 20!  I've taken some time off, the 17th/20/21st, to have some fun, go to Michigan and catch up with a family reunion, and the like.  Then home and back to work the 22nd!

At one time I was pretty sure I wouldn't see 54.  It's been close a few times, but somehow I made it.  Amazing.  I might reach 60 at this rate!

On house-hunting: I'm not any more!  It sounds weird, but the ValuePlace Inn is actually about the best deal in the world for me.  Most studio apartments in Austin run about $950 a month anyway PLUS utilities, so the $1100 I'm paying is in range - AND I get weekly maid service!  Sure, the neighbors can be annoying, but it's no worse than any apartment complex I've lived in.  Also, almost NO KIDS  - so no running/screaming/etc when I'm trying to think or create.  It's 4 miles from work, on a major bus route to an even more major transit center, tons of food within 2 blocks, a Pizza Hut that delivers and makes great chicken wings, a store that sells a ton of good beer, and an urgent care medical center in the mall next to us.

Of course, there are downsides: no oven (2-burner stove top and microwave), very small so there's no room to set up a guitar-based music studio, sometimes the neighbors are loud, and having to pay rent every Thursday.. but that's negligible.

It's the perfect place to hole up and focus on writing.  I can work on my 3D art as well, and the computer desk now holds my Alesis Qx25 MIDI controller so music composition/performance is possible.

If I had a wife and/or kids, or a ton of stuff, this would NEVER work.  But I've gone all minimalist and I'm happy, so there I'll stay while I write and save up money!

In medical news: the doc says I should get out of my walking boot in early/mid June, and move to an ankle brace/support.  That fits INSIDE a shoe so at that stage, I'm back to kind of normal.  I'll limp the rest of m life, but big deal - it's a good excuse to own a pimp cane!  Got to turn life's lemons into lemonade.

Ugh, back to work!

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