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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Every time I think about moving...

..I end up thinking again!

Yes, I live in a ValuePlace Inn Extended Stay Residence.  Yes, the place is small.  Yes, there's no oven.   Yes, on occasion the neighbors can be noisy and annoying.

So I end up jumping on Craigslist and looking at studio apartments (I do NOT want a big place to maintain).  And I search, and look, and price, and consider.  And re-discover why I'm happily ensconced where I am!

I can get a nice studio for about $750/month, which is less than I pay now ($1160/month).  About 20 miles from the office, in a so-so neighborhood, not close to stores or a bus stop.  That won't work for me.

I can get a studio apartment near shopping, near a bus stop, in a decent neighborhood.. for $900/month.. plus utils.. plus Internet and cable.. and unfurnished.  Erm, that means buying a houseload of furniture I have no desire to own!

So, ValuePlace Inn: Whataburger 20 yards away, sub shop 25, Valero corner market 30, BBQ truck with good BBQ 1 block, Jack in the Box 1-1/2 blocks - same for a liquor store and a Subway, mini-market with about 120 different microbrews 2 blocks, Pizza Hut 2-1/2 blocks (and they deliver in less than 45 minutes), bus stop 2-1/2 blocks, work 3 miles ($9 cab ride) away.  PLUS - cable, Internet, maid service every two weeks, furnished, no lease, VERY secure, quiet 90% of the time.  Furnished, and they keep the furtinutre maintained - I got a new box spring and mattress 2 weeks ago and I sleep like a brick!

If I had kids, my old music studio, or a huge pile of belongings this would NEVER work out.  The lack of an oven means no baking but I can't bake worth a darn!  The 2-burner stovetop is great for cooking anything I can want, and the microwave covers everything else.

Sure I could save about $300/month if I really wanted to.. and lose maid service, have to buy furniture, be in a less convenient location, and LOSE MY MAID SERVICE!!! Right now, when I get home all I have to worry about is taking the trash out if it gets full, cooking only if I want to, and I can focus on my writing and 3D art.

Admittedly I get some odd looks when I tell people where I live, but once I explain it - they get a little envious!

So, today's reassessment result - STAY PUT!

I'm still WAY too burned out on housemates to want to bother sharing a house, it'd save me a fortune but.. feh.  I'm a cranky old man and I want my own space!

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