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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If you can't stand the heat..


After several years here in Austin, I'm getting really tired of the heat.  And since my parents in Dallas have both passed on there's nothing keeping me here.. so it's time to plan my escape!

I'm targeting Portland, OR. for my next home.  Bus service is decent, housing costs are comparable to here, and there are DOZENS of microbreweries to sample!  Plenty of tech work in the area as well, and it doesn't get over 100 for weeks at a time.

Last year here was horribly hot, a record for the biggest number of days over 100.  This year doesn't look to be any better.  I'm sick of it!  Too hot to go out, too hot to think, too bloody hot period.

In other news: still working on my other blogs, slowly but surely.  Getting some writing in as well.  No real excitement - thankfully!  Saving for my October visit to Portland!

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