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Friday, July 26, 2013

So much to do, so little cash

Friday at last! And with the antibiotic out of my system, I can have a Friday night feast of hot links and microbrews!

But there is much to be done.  I need new shoes, a new cell phone, a high-end 3D gaming laptop, money for my October vacation to Portland OR., and a second large suitcase.  Oh, and a few hundred dollars in 3D assets for my 5 (!!) illustrated serial novels!

Oddly, time isn't the issue here.  With no gf, no pressing social relationships, no wife or kids, I have a ton of time to spend on writing and art.  Part of the issue is motivation and discipline, but part is just flat-out not having maintained  my gear.  So things got old, obsolete, and worn down.. and now they need replacing.

There isn't a huge rush on anything but the vacation funding, but it all needs doing.  I'm still planning on moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2015, so there's a ton of time for that, but I need money, money, money to pull it off, and money money money to get a 3D machine fast enough to make illustration practical, and money money money for vacations, and money for emergencies.

It's all about money, I swear!

My next scheduled local outing is on October 20, to recall the passing of my dear friend and love Sabine Sklar in 2003.  Not a day goes by without her on my mind.  Wherever you are, Sabine, I still miss you and always will.

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